English has become an International language which can no longer be neglected in the field of higher studies especially in the present LMD era. In order to achieve our goal, which is the ability to use this language in the academic research, we will give you videos to watch, audio materials to listen to, and some written documents to study. Through these aids, we are going to explore materials related to business in order to enrich your business vocabulary, learn business expressions and improve your grammatical knowledge. Moreover, we will study the possible cultural similarities and/or differences between Madagascar and the major native English speaking countries, namely the US and the Great Britain.

Le concept du marketing est un concept intéressant en matière de management. Le marketing tient une place importante dans la direction d’une entreprise pour répondre à la fois aux besoins de la clientèle et à la rentabilité de l’entreprise.

Ce cours se divisera en trois grandes parties. La première portera sur la notion de marketing et ses variables d’action. Ensuite, nous examinerons les processus d’étude de marché. Enfin, nous aborderons les comportements des consommateurs ainsi que leurs processus de prise de décision.